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If you’re a guitar enthusiast, you’ll surely be familiar with the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that goes into creating a Hamer Guitar. In this article, we will delve into the world of these incredible instruments, highlighting their unique features and discussing the different models available. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, Hamer Guitars have something to offer that will elevate your playing experience. So, let’s take a closer look at what makes these guitars stand out in the sea of guitar makers.

The Top 8 Best Hamer Guitars

  1. Transparent Black Gloss Hamer Archtop Electric Guitar with Tone-O-Matic Bridge — Experience the flawless craftsmanship and exceptional sound of the Hamer Archtop Transparent Black Gloss Electric Guitar, perfect for PRS enthusiasts looking for an exceptional bargain.
  2. Hamer Standard Flame Top Electric Guitar — Cherry Sunburst — Experience the iconic sound and beauty of the Hamer Standard Flame Top Electric Guitar Cherry Sunburst, designed with a solid maple cap and figured maple veneer on a mahogany body, delivering spectacular sound and unmatched treble clarity.
  3. Affordable Hamer Vector Electric Guitar with Cherry Sunburst Finish — Rare Lawsuit Guitar” — Get your hands on this highly sought-after Hamer Vector Electric Guitar Cherry Sunburst, a true Lawsuit guitar that’s almost mint condition, with impressive features and perfect for fast, technical players.
  4. Used Ibanez AM93QM-JBB Jet Blue Burst Semi-Hollow Guitar — Excellent Condition — Experience top-notch sound and style with the Ibanez AM93QM-JBB Artcore Expressionist Semi-Hollow Jet Blue Burst, a guitar lover’s dream.
  5. Affordable Hamer Special Junior Electric Guitar for Fast Players — Unleash your inner rockstar with the Hamer Special Jr. Electric Guitar, featuring a thin U neck, punchy tone, and affordable quality that’s perfect for fast, technical players.
  6. Stylish Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar with Super 58 Pickups — Experience exceptional playing comfort and versatile sound with the Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93ME Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar, featuring iconic Super 58 pickups.
  7. The Ultimate Guide to Hamer Guitars: A Treasured History and Collector’s Resource — Dive into the riveting history of Hamer Guitars, including its unique role in the electric guitar industry and the creation of the iconic Standard, presented in a glorious, hardback edition accompanied by never-before-seen photos and expert insights.
  8. Hammer Sunburst Archtop Electric Guitar in Dark Cherry Burst — A high-quality Hamer Sunburst Archtop Electric Guitar in Dark Cherry Burst finish with minimal markings and fully functional features, including a padded gig bag — a perfect choice for guitar enthusiasts.

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🔗Transparent Black Gloss Hamer Archtop Electric Guitar with Tone-O-Matic Bridge


The Hamer Archtop, my new favorite guitar, is a stunning blend of style and sound. Its glossy trans-black finish catches the eye and the double cutaway body design makes it comfortable to play. I particularly love the set-neck construction and the rosewood fretboard, which contributes to its smooth playability. The tone knob configuration is another standout feature that lets me fine-tune the sound to my liking.

However, I have to admit that the guitar did require a bit of setting up before I could really enjoy it to its full potential. It also felt a tad heavy at times, which made holding it for extended periods a bit challenging. But overall, the Hamer Archtop is a gem that shines in terms of its appearance, sound, and performance. It’s definitely a keeper and a testament to the craftsmanship of Hamer Guitars.

🔗Hamer Standard Flame Top Electric Guitar — Cherry Sunburst


From a guitar enthusiast’s standpoint, the Hamer Standard Flame Top Electric Guitar has been a delight to play and a perfect fit for my daily life. The cherry sunburst finish adds an elegant touch and the maple cap and figured maple veneer create a visually stunning appearance. I appreciate the solid maple cap and mahogany body, which provide great sound quality and clarity, making it perfect for various music genres. The crown inlays and rosewood fretboard were well executed, with no major issues with the fretwork or binding.

Unfortunately, the body has been repainted, but considering the guitar’s price range, it still offers a great value for its features. One thing I noticed was the toggle switch had a bit of roughness, which I had to replace. Overall, this Hamer design is a stunning guitar that plays great and sounds fantastic, especially considering its affordable price range.

🔗Affordable Hamer Vector Electric Guitar with Cherry Sunburst Finish


I was blown away when I stumbled upon this rare, discontinued Hamer Vector Electric Guitar in cherry sunburst. The moment I laid hands on it, I could sense the quality and craftsmanship that Hamer guitars are known for.

The best part was discovering that it came with a beautiful, nearly flawless OEM Hamer sculpted case. I was in awe as I inspected the guitar — it had negligible wear on the fretboard and no issues at all. The pickups were super smooth, delivering impressive sustain and clear note definition.

On the downside, there was a barely noticeable tool mark near the bridge post, but honestly, nothing else seemed to be amiss with this mint condition gem. I highly recommend this axe to anyone looking for a fantastic quality guitar at an affordable price.

🔗Used Ibanez AM93QM-JBB Jet Blue Burst Semi-Hollow Guitar — Excellent Condition


As a lover of music and all things guitars, I was thrilled to try out the Ibanez AM93QM-JBB Artcore Expressionist Semi-Hollow Jet Blue Burst. The guitar’s striking appearance was enough to draw me in at first glance, with its vibrant Jet Blue Burst finish glistening under the light.

Upon closer inspection, my fingers caressed the maple top, reveling in the smooth texture and the intricate quilt patterning that lay beneath. The ebony fretboard provided a perfect complement, with its sleek finish making it a pleasure to play. I must say, this guitar was a head-turner, and I received plenty of compliments at my local music venue.

Performance-wise, the Artcore Expressionist didn’t disappoint. Its Super 58 pickups delivered a warm, balanced tone that was perfect for a range of genres, from rock to blues. The Schaller straplocks provided a secure hold, ensuring the guitar stayed in place during even the most energetic performances.

However, there were a few areas where the guitar didn’t quite measure up to my expectations. The frets, while smooth, suffered from sharp edges that required some additional attention from a luthier to make them comfortable for bending. Additionally, I found the neck slightly thicker than I’m used to, making it a bit of an adjustment at first.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Ibanez AM93QM-JBB Artcore Expressionist Semi-Hollow quickly became my go-to guitar for both practice and performance. Its stunning design and exceptional sound make it a worthwhile investment for any musician seeking to add a touch of class to their collection.

🔗Affordable Hamer Special Junior Electric Guitar for Fast Players


When I first strummed the Hamer Special Jr. , the feel and sound were quite unexpected. As a guitar enthusiast, I can tell you that this guitar packs a punch in terms of performance and value. It’s a perfect companion for those looking to dabble in the world of guitar playing or for the experienced guitarist seeking an affordable addition to their collection.

The first thing that stood out to me was the fit and finish of the guitar. The natural gloss finish really showcases the quality of the mahogany body and set-neck, giving it a classy look. The dog-ear P-90 single-coil pickup provides a punchy tone, perfect for rock and blues fans. What impressed me even more was the sustain and note definition — the guitar’s impressive capabilities are thanks to the combination of set-in neck, stop tailpiece, and the Hamer-designed pickup.

Although this guitar is a steal on its price point, the only minor downside is the lack of versatility, as it only has a single pickup option. Nonetheless, for my rock and blues jam sessions, it exceeded my expectations and was a pleasure to play. So, for a guitar that not only rocks but is an excellent value for its price, the Hamer Special Jr. is definitely worth a try.

🔗Stylish Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar with Super 58 Pickups


I recently had the pleasure of trying the Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93ME Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar in its natural finish. From the moment I opened the box, I was impressed by the stunning gloss finish on both the body and neck. The body is made of Macassar Ebony veneer, giving it a unique and eye-catching appearance. The dual F-holes only added to its aesthetic appeal.

The guitar had a small yet comfortable body size, which made it a perfect fit for my hands. The neck was made of Nyato wood and featured a C traditional shape, providing a smooth and well-balanced playing experience. The 22 medium frets and acrylic block inlays made for a pleasant and comfortable fretboard experience.

One of the standout features of this guitar was the Super 58 pickups, which offered a warm and balanced articulation with excellent response. These pickups made it easy to switch between different genres, from blues to rock, and even jazz. Their high output provided a great tone, and the individual volume and tone control allowed for precise adjustments.

However, there were a couple of minor drawbacks to this guitar. The frets were a bit gritty and had some sharp fret ends, which required some filing and setting up. Additionally, the pickup switch felt flimsy and seemed like it might not last very long.

Despite these small issues, I found the Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AM93ME Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar to be an incredibly versatile and enjoyable instrument to play. Its unique design, comfortable body size, and high-quality pickups make it a great choice for any guitarist looking to add a semi-hollow guitar to their collection.

🔗The Ultimate Guide to Hamer Guitars: A Treasured History and Collector’s Resource


As a guitar enthusiast, I recently stumbled upon “The Ultimate: An Illustrated History of Hamer Guitars” and was instantly captivated by its rich history of an influential boutique guitar builder. The hardcover binding felt sturdy in my hands, with 176 pages brimming with engaging content.

Flipping through the pages, I was amazed to find a collection of never-before-published photos and drawings, showcasing the evolution of Hamer Guitars and the individuals behind them, including the legendary rocker Rick Nielsen. It was a delight to discover how this book served as a treasure trove of facts, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in the electric guitar world.

However, the book wasn’t without its minor drawbacks. At times, its dimensions felt a bit overwhelming, taking up more space on my coffee table than expected. Nonetheless, considering the wealth of knowledge and captivating visuals it contains, I can wholeheartedly recommend “The Ultimate: An Illustrated History of Hamer Guitars” to any guitar enthusiast looking for a unique insight into the history of this iconic brand.

🔗Hammer Sunburst Archtop Electric Guitar in Dark Cherry Burst


Last week, I picked up this Hamer Sunburst Archtop Electric Guitar in Dark Cherry Burst. I’ve always been impressed by the gloss finish of Hamer guitars, and this one is no exception. The gloss finish not only made it look stunning, but also added a solid feel to it. The body shape of this guitar is a double cutaway, which I found perfect for easily reaching higher frets.

Playing a solid body with Mahogany and Maple woods for the body and top, respectively, did give it a strong, warm tone that I’d come to expect from Hamer. However, there was one downside — no tremolo bar included. This made performing more challenging, but I managed to adapt.

The best part, in my opinion, was the set-in neck with a thin U shape and a nut width of 1.63 inches. It made playing incredibly comfortable, and the jumbo frets made every note just perfect.

It arrived in a hard shell case and also came with a padded gig bag to match. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase, but I wouldn’t mind having a better bridge and locking tuners. The guitar did arrive as described, and other than the bridge issue, it met my expectations.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the buyer’s guide for Hamer Guitars, a comprehensive resource aimed at helping you make an informed decision when purchasing your next guitar from this esteemed brand. We will cover key features, considerations, and advice to ensure you have the best possible experience with your Hamer Guitar.


Quality and Craftsmanship

The quality and craftsmanship of Hamer Guitars are some of the most notable aspects of their instruments. As a guitar enthusiast, you should expect nothing less than impeccable attention to detail and high-quality materials in your Hamer Guitar. The brand is known for its commitment to producing instruments that are not only visually stunning but also deliver superior sound quality.

A Variety of Styles and Designs

Regardless of the genre of music you play, there is a Hamer Guitar to suit your style. From the iconic Black Hawk series to the versatile Alpine series and the legendary Ventura series, Hamer’s offerings cater to a wide range of musical tastes. Make sure to explore their various product lines and find the model that best fits your playing style and preferences.


Customization Options

One of the unique features of Hamer Guitars is the extensive customization options offered to buyers. From the type of wood used in the body to the color and finish, there are numerous choices available, allowing you to create a truly personalized instrument. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to make your Hamer Guitar truly one-of-a-kind.

Local Support and Community

Hamer Guitars has a strong local support network and a dedicated community of players. Joining this community can provide valuable resources, advice, and opportunities to connect with other enthusiasts of the brand. Attend local events, join online forums, and connect with others who share your passion for Hamer Guitars.



What makes Hamer Guitars unique?

Hamer Guitars stand out due to their commitment to crafting high-quality instruments with unique designs and features. They have a rich history dating back to the 1970s and have served numerous iconic musicians over the years. Their guitars are known for their playability, tone, and craftsmanship, making them a popular choice among guitar enthusiasts.

Moreover, Hamer Guitars offer a wide range of models catering to various playing styles and preferences. They have continued to innovate and refine their designs, ensuring their instruments remain relevant and sought after in the ever-evolving world of music gear. This focus on quality, variety, and innovation sets Hamer Guitars apart and makes them a standout choice for players looking for a guitar with both style and substance.


What kind of wood is typically used in Hamer Guitars?

Hamer Guitars are known for their variety in the choice of woods used in their instruments. One of the most popular and widely used woods is maple. Maple is a hard, dense wood that provides excellent tonal characteristics and durability. Hamer also uses other exotic woods, such as rosewood, mahogany, and ebony, which are prized for their unique visual appeal and tonal properties.

Additionally, Hamer pays great attention to the selection and quality of the wood used in their guitars. They source their materials from reputable suppliers and ensure that they are responsibly harvested to minimize environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability and quality allows Hamer to create instruments that not only sound great but also have a minimal ecological footprint.

What types of finishes are available on Hamer Guitars?

Hamer Guitars offer a wide range of finishes to cater to individual preferences. Many of their instruments feature a natural wood finish, which allows the unique grain patterns and color of the wood to shine through. They also offer various gloss and satin finishes, which provide a protective layer and enhance the visual appeal of the instrument.

In addition to standard finishes, Hamer also offers custom finishes for select models. These finishes can be anything from a solid color to a unique metallic or even a pearlescent effect. Hamer prides itself on the ability to create one-of-a-kind guitars that truly reflect the personality and style of the player.


What is the difference between Hamer’s standard and custom shop models?

Hamer offers two distinct lines of guitars: their standard production models and their custom shop creations. The primary difference between the two lies in their level of craftsmanship, customization, and attention to detail. Standard production models are built using proven designs and techniques, ensuring consistency and reliability in their performance and build quality.

Custom shop models, on the other hand, offer an unparalleled level of personalization. These guitars are built to the customer’s specifications, allowing them to choose everything from the wood type and finish to the hardware and pickups. Hamer’s custom shop is staffed by experienced luthiers who meticulously craft each instrument to the highest standards, resulting in a truly unique and exceptional guitar.

How do the pickups in Hamer Guitars differ from others on the market?

Hamer guitars are known for their high-quality pickups, which are a crucial component in determining the tone and performance of an electric guitar. Hamer uses a combination of traditional and innovative pickup designs to achieve a wide range of tones and playing styles. They offer a variety of humbuckers, single-coil pickups, and P-90s, each with its own unique characteristics.

One of the distinguishing features of Hamer pickups is their commitment to craftsmanship. Hamer pickups are hand-wired and hand-wound, ensuring that each one has its own unique voice and character. This attention to detail allows Hamer to create pickups that not only sound great but also provide exceptional playability and versatility.

What is the warranty on Hamer Guitars?

Hamer Guitars offer a limited lifetime warranty on all their instruments. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship and extends to the original purchaser of the guitar. If a Hamer guitar is found to have a defect during the warranty period, the company will repair or replace the instrument free of charge.

It is essential to note that the warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or issues resulting from misuse or abuse of the instrument. Additionally, the warranty is transferable, but it only applies to the original purchaser of the guitar. Hamer has a commitment to customer satisfaction and works diligently to ensure that their guitars meet the high standards they set for themselves.

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