Power Wheels Quad

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Get ready to ride in style with the latest addition to the Power Wheels family, the Power Wheels Quad! In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at these fantastic quad bikes, suitable for kids to experience the thrill of off-road adventures safely and securely. Join us as we explore the features, benefits, and reviews of the Power Wheels Quad.

The Top 20 Best Power Wheels Quad

  1. Ultimate Fun Ride-On UTV Toy for Kids — Unleash your child’s imagination with the Sopbost 24V Ride-on Toy, a battery-powered electric car featuring a 4WD single-seater UTV design, adjustable seats, bright LED lights, and powerful off-road style wheels for endless outdoor fun and entertainment.
  2. Pink Camo Realtree Kids’ 24V UTV Ride-On with Realistic Sounds and LED Lights — Experience the thrilling outdoors with the Pink Power Wheels 24 Volt Realtree UTV by Dynacraft, featuring authentic pink camouflage, realistic UTV sounds, and a top speed of 5 MPH for endless adventures.
  3. Huffy Torex New ATV-2 Kids’ 24V Electric Ride-On Quad — Unleash endless adventure with the Huffy Torex New 24V ATV-2, designed for kids to enjoy a safe, fun, and versatile 4-Wheeler experience anywhere they go, powered by a reliable, rechargeable battery.
  4. Kalee Green Quad ATV — Fun-Filled 6V Ride-On Adventure for Ages 2–5 — Experience an adrenaline-packed adventure with the Coleman Youth ATV, perfect for ages 2–5, featuring a 6V rechargeable battery, forward/reverse gears, and an easy-to-use foot pedal, making it a perfect choice for family fun!
  5. Kids’ 12V Ride-On ATV with Bluetooth and LED Headlights (Pink) — Experience the thrill of an ATV adventure with the Best Choice Products 12V Kids 4-Wheeler ATV Quad Ride On Car Toy, featuring rugged design, LED headlights, and a Bluetooth-enabled radio for endless fun!
  6. Exciting Off-Road Ride-On Truck Toy for Kids — Gift your kids a thrilling off-road adventure with the TOBBI 4WD UTV Ride-on toy, featuring LED headlights, music, horn, and safety belts for maximum enjoyment.
  7. Officially licensed Minnie Mouse Ride-On Quad for Kids — Bring the magic of Minnie Mouse to your child’s adventures with this 6V battery-operated QUAD, complete with realistic decals, sturdy body, and fun music and horn sounds!
  8. Pink Kids Polaris ATV with Traction Wheels and Rechargeable Battery — Unleash adventure with the Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Pink Power ATV, built to thrill kids aged 3–7 with its 2-speed accelerator, rechargeable battery, and high-traction wheels!
  9. Tobbi 6V Electric Ride on ATV Quad with Spray System and Bluetooth Lights — TOBBI 6V Electric Ride-on ATV Quad: Bring the thrill of off-roading to your little one with its powerful 6V motor, unique spray system, and immersive LED light experience, designed especially for ages 3–6.
  10. Kids’ Green Terrain Racer 6V ATV for Indoor or Outdoor Use — Get your little ones moving with the Adventure Force 6 Volt Green Terrain Racer ATV, a 6V battery-powered kids’ ride-on featuring forward and reverse gear and a contoured seat for comfort.
  11. Fun and Safe Adventure Quad Ride for Kids — Adventure awaits with the Hikiddo 24V Ride on Toys ATV, a fun and safe off-road option for kids, equipped with durable features, power display, and Bluetooth music for an unforgettable driving experience.
  12. Huffy Torex 24V UTV Kids Quad Electric 4-Wheeler! — Rev up the fun with the Huffy Torex 24V UTV Electric Battery 4-Wheeler, a thrilling ride for kids to explore with a robust 24V battery, safety features, and a toot horn to add to the laughter and adventure.
  13. Kids’ Safe and Stylish 12V 4-Wheeler ATV Quad Vehicle with Music and USB Function — Protect and entertain your child with our non-toxic 12V Pink Ride-On ATV, featuring a comfortable seat, slow start function, and cheering music & stories for endless fun!
  14. Powerful 4-Wheeler Electric Kids ATV with Realistic Driving Experience — Experience a realistic ATV driving adventure with the Hetoy 4WD Quad, boasting powerful 24V motors, large 7AHx2 batteries, and customized safety features on all terrains.
  15. Electric Kids Ride-on ATV — Powered by 6-Volt Battery with Bluetooth Connectivity — Experience the thrill of a Bluetooth-powered ride as your child cruises the streets in a TOBBI Kids Ride On ATV, fueled by their energy and adventurous spirit, with a vibrant blue design that’s sure to grab attention.
  16. ASTM-Certified Kids’ 12V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Toy with LED Lights and Radio — Blast through outdoor adventures with the ASTM-certified 12V Kids Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Quad Ride on Car Toy, boasting a max speed of 3.7mph, treaded tires, LED lights, AUX jack, and radio!
  17. Realtree XD UTV 24V Children’s Ride-On, Adventure Awaits — Introducing the Realtree XD UTV 24V ride-on for fun-filled adventures, featuring realistic controls and safety features for kids aged 3–8 to enjoy.
  18. Power Wheels Quad for Toddlers: Fun Music & Easy Drivability — Enjoy an adventurous ride with the 212 Main 12V Kids ATV Quad Car, featuring powerful wear-resistant wheels, sound effects, headlights, and a comfortable seat that fosters balance and safety for toddlers aged 3 and above.
  19. Kids’ Atv: Powerful Electric Dirt Quad for Outdoor Adventures — Rev up the fun with Razor Electric Dirt Quad dirt ATV, perfect for ages 8 and up, offering a smooth ride on uneven terrain with powerful performance and all-weather durability.
  20. Kids Electric Ride-On ATV with LED Lights and Safety Belt — Discover the thrill of off-roading with the Topbuy 12V Kids Electric Ride-on Car Toy 4-Wheeler ATV Quad, featuring bright LED lights, a cozy seat with safety belt, and powerful drive motors for an unforgettable experience.

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🔗Ultimate Fun Ride-On UTV Toy for Kids


When we first got the Sopbost 24V Ride on Toy, I was pretty excited for my child to try it out. We were outside riding it on the lawn and it performed well on the grass. The 4WD Single-Seater Ride-On UTV allowed our child to switch between the 2-wheel drive (2x2) and 4-wheel drive (4x4) depending on the terrain. The adjustable seat and the double lockable doors gave our child a sense of security while riding. The music play feature made the ride more entertaining for them and enhanced the overall experience.

However, one thing I noticed was the lack of clear instructions during the assembly process. It would have been great if the user manual provided a step-by-step guide on how to assemble the toy safely and quickly. Despite this little hiccup, the overall experience with the Sopbost 24V Ride on Toy was enjoyable and I would recommend it as a great gift for kids who love off-road adventures.

🔗Pink Camo Realtree Kids’ 24V UTV Ride-On with Realistic Sounds and LED Lights


I recently had the chance to test the 24V Realtree UTV by Dynacraft, and let me tell you, it was quite the experience! First and foremost, the vehicle looked fantastic with its pink camo design. It immediately caught the attention of my kids, who absolutely loved the color. They couldn’t wait to start exploring nature on their new ride.

One of the highlights of this UTV was its realistic UTV sounds. When my kids turned it on, they were immediately transported to a real off-road adventure. It also featured MP3 input, so they could listen to their favorite songs while driving. The working headlights were a great addition to the UTV, providing visibility for those nighttime treks.

The UTV had high, low, and reverse gears, and my kids were thrilled to have a vehicle that could do more than just go forward in a straight line. It reached a top speed of 5 MPH, which proved to be safe yet exciting for them. However, the pedal had a bit of a delay from pushing to movement, which my kids sometimes found difficult to adjust to.

The UTV’s suspension springs were designed to handle bumps and rough terrain, and they certainly did a great job. My kids were able to ride the vehicle over various surfaces without feeling uncomfortable. The front rack and rear cargo storage compartment were also spacious enough to accommodate any materials needed for an outdoor adventure.

On the other hand, there were a few issues I encountered while using the UTV. Firstly, the vehicle seemed to have a tendency to break down easily. I noticed that my kids had to replace parts multiple times within just a few months of ownership. Additionally, finding customer support was nearly impossible, as their only form of communication was through email. It was frustrating to deal with issues that should have been resolved quickly and efficiently.

Overall, the 24V Realtree UTV by Dynacraft provided a fun and exciting way for my kids to explore the great outdoors. Its realistic sound effects, working headlights, and spacious storage compartments definitely made it stand out from other ride-on toys. However, the vehicle’s susceptibility to breaking down and the difficulty in obtaining customer support were definitely areas for improvement.

🔗Huffy Torex New ATV-2 Kids’ 24V Electric Ride-On Quad


The Huffy Torex New ATV-2 was my little 8-year-old’s favorite ride in our backyard. One thing that stood out to me was how sturdy the build was, even with my son’s enthusiastic driving style. The ATV-2 was also incredibly user-friendly, making it a breeze for him to navigate.

However, the product did have its fair share of drawbacks. The battery life seemed to be a bit of an issue at times. In my experience, I found the need to charge it more frequently than I would have liked. Additionally, the charging port appeared to be quite touchy, requiring a bit of fiddling to ensure that it charged properly.

On another occasion, we ended up needing to replace one of the motors. Thankfully, it was a relatively easy and inexpensive fix. However, it did require me to keep some spare parts on hand just in case.

Our experience with Huffy’s customer service left a bit to be desired as well. At one point, we had to wait quite a bit for a response, which can be inconvenient, especially when dealing with a toy that requires prompt attention.

Overall, while the Huffy Torex New ATV-2 provided fun times for our little one, it did have its flaws. It would have been nice to see some improvements in battery life and customer service. Nevertheless, it still managed to bring hours of enjoyment and exploration to our backyard adventures.

🔗Kalee Green Quad ATV — Fun-Filled 6V Ride-On Adventure for Ages 2–5


It’s been a true joy getting my little one excited for outdoor play with the Kalee Green Quad ATV. Powered by a 6V battery, this durable ride-on toy allows my son to cruise around in style and comfort. The contoured seat is soft and cozy, and the easy-to-operate gas pedal makes for smooth forward and reverse driving. The maximum weight capacity of 55 lbs is on the safer side, allowing for some room for growth.

The battery-charge system is a life-saver, as it eliminates the need for constant visits to the store. And the extra charger means no more waiting for the battery to recharge. The ATV is constructed from a sturdy build, with an appearance that resembles a real vehicle — my son takes a great sense of pride in his toy. The 16 mph top speed isn’t excessive for young ones, ensuring their safety during playtime.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the seating capacity is 1, and it lacks any additional safety features such as automatic braking or a rollbar. But all in all, the Kalee Green Quad ATV has been a reliable choice for our family, bringing laughter and excitement into our daily lives.

🔗Kids’ 12V Ride-On ATV with Bluetooth and LED Headlights (Pink)


Growing up, I always enjoyed playing with ride-on toys, but I never had a chance to explore the outdoors on an ATV. The Best Choice Products Pink 4-Wheeler ride-on ATV for kids brought back those childhood memories and took me on a new adventure.

As soon as I set eyes on this toy, I knew it was going to be both rugged and fun. I was right. It was built to withstand off-road terrain and boasted some cool features like LED headlights, a horn, and a working MP3 player. Even the packaging was nicely designed, making it easy for kids to assemble it by themselves, while I could appreciate the sturdy construction from afar.

Once I turned it on and my little one started riding, they couldn’t stop smiling. It drove smoothly and had that real ATV experience. My only concern was the plastic wheels’ durability, especially since it’s designed for outdoor use, but it still managed to perform well despite the material.

Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity feature added an extra layer of excitement. We enjoyed cruising around the neighborhood as our kiddo jammed to their favorite tunes. It was convenient and fun.

The max speed limit of 3.7mph was just enough for our kiddo to feel that sense of adventure while also ensuring their safety. The 2-speed options also came in handy, depending on the terrain they were riding on.

On the downside, it did take some time to charge up the battery (the longest playtime was an hour), and the product might not be suitable for kids under the age of 3.

In conclusion, despite a few minor drawbacks, the Best Choice Products Pink 4-Wheeler ATV ride-on toy is an excellent choice for kids who love adventure. The rugged design, realistic features, and fun Bluetooth capabilities make it a great investment for families looking to keep their little explorers entertained and engaged.

🔗Exciting Off-Road Ride-On Truck Toy for Kids


The TOBBI 4WD UTV Toy is a great ride for little explorers aged 3 to 5 years old. As a gift for my child’s birthday, I was impressed by its sturdy build and off-road style. One of the coolest features was the working LED headlights, which made it even more appealing to my son.

The horn and music function added an extra layer of fun for him. However, the speed was relatively slow, but that was perfect for a young child like mine. The adjustable seat and safety belt made it a safe ride for him as well.

Overall, it was a worthwhile investment, and I appreciated the manufacturer’s responsiveness to issues we encountered.

🔗Officially licensed Minnie Mouse Ride-On Quad for Kids


Imagine the joy on a little one’s face when they see a toy that doubles as a Minnie Mouse ride-on. The officially-licensed Minnie Mouse Quad is a battery-operated quad that’s perfect for kids aged 2 to 5 years old. It’s a great first motor item for any toddler, as it’s not too expensive and is super simple to use.

The Minnie Mouse Quad comes with realistic Minnie Mouse decals and a sturdy body, making it a fun and durable choice. The upgraded 6-volt battery and motor can power up the quad, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 3 mph. And don’t worry, this cute quad comes with music and horn sounds, adding even more fun to any ride.

However, there are also some aspects to consider. The motor does make a loud noise, which could be a bit alarming for some parents. The unboxing process is a bit tricky, as the charger is hidden inside the seat of the quad. The charging design is quite basic, and you might want to be cautious about overcharging the battery.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Minnie Mouse Quad is a great first ride-on for a toddler. It’s adorable, simple to use, and adds excitement to any playtime. The perfect balance of fun and functionality, this ride-on is sure to be a hit for any little Minnie Mouse fan.

🔗Pink Kids Polaris ATV with Traction Wheels and Rechargeable Battery


I recently purchased the Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Pink Power ATV for my adorable little granddaughter. It was a complete surprise for her 3rd birthday, and she absolutely fell in love with it! The vibrant pink color was the perfect fit for her, and she couldn’t wait to start riding it.

The assembly process was a breeze. It took my husband around 15 minutes to put it together, and he found it to be quite intuitive. The stickers, however, were a bit of a challenge. It took us a while to apply them, but the end result was absolutely worth the effort.

My granddaughter was able to get the hang of the gear shift quickly, and she enjoys the two-speed option. Although the battery life is only around an hour, she usually rides it for about 45 minutes before it needs to be recharged. We appreciate this design choice as it makes her aware of when it’s time to stop riding and recharge the battery.

One surprising feature was the whine the ATV makes while in motion. However, my granddaughter didn’t seem to mind, and it didn’t bother her when she was enjoying her new ride-on toy.

Overall, the Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Pink Power ATV has been a fantastic addition to our family. It’s sturdy, safe, and has provided endless fun for my granddaughter. Despite the minor issues, the joy and entertainment it brings make it a worthwhile purchase.

🔗Tobbi 6V Electric Ride on ATV Quad with Spray System and Bluetooth Lights


Last weekend, my granddaughter, Lily, turned 4, and I wanted to surprise her with a special gift. After doing some research, I stumbled upon the Tobbi 6V Electric Ride on ATV Quad. This red quad was just the perfect present, and Lily couldn’t wait to try it out!

The first time Lily sat in the ATV, she was so excited to see the four bright wheels and felt like a real off-road racer. Pressing the start button on the handle and hearing the fun engine sounds filled her with joy, and she couldn’t believe she was controlling the ATV all by herself.

As she rode, the LED light spray system in the rear made it look like her ATV had a cool, glowing tail flame — a feature that truly stood out. Unfortunately, the battery life seemed to be a bit shorter than I expected, and we had to wait for it to charge for about 8 hours.

In our experience, the ATV was fairly easy for Lily to operate, and she had it up and running in no time. We especially loved the built-in music and engine sounds that made the rides more enjoyable.

The ride-on ATV is versatile and durable, with wheels that can conquer various terrains like a breeze. From a beach to her wooden floor, the ATV was unstoppable, giving Lily the chance to explore and have fun.

Overall, Lily’s Tobbi 6V Electric Ride on ATV Quad was an excellent gift for a 4-year-old, full of excitement and adventure. However, we did find that the battery life could be improved for longer, uninterrupted playtime.

🔗Kids’ Green Terrain Racer 6V ATV for Indoor or Outdoor Use


The Adventure Force 6-volt Green Terrain Racer is a fun little toy that can bring joy to both boys and girls aged 18 months to 36 months. Powered by a rechargeable 6-volt battery, it’s an entertaining ride-on that features forward and reverse gears, a comfortable contoured seat, and an easy-to-use foot pedal drive system. It’s recommended for use indoors or on concrete or asphalt surfaces.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying this toy out with my younger cousin, who had a blast driving it around our house and in the backyard. The contoured seat made it comfortable for her to sit in, and the foot pedal drive system was simple and user-friendly. The terrain racer is designed to ensure a safe and fun driving experience for young kids.

One feature that I particularly appreciated is its ability to charge conveniently with an included charger through a port on the side of the ATV. The battery life is about 8 minutes, which is relatively short, but it’s enough time for little ones to have some fun before moving on to the next toy. The maximum weight capacity of 55 lbs ensures that it can accommodate a variety of kids.

While I enjoyed using this toy with my cousin, I had some concerns regarding the build quality and durability. My cousin managed to turn the ATV over during a drive, causing some issues with the assembly. I’m not completely sure if this was due to poor build quality or user error, but it could be a concern for some parents.

In conclusion, the Adventure Force 6-volt Green Terrain Racer is a fun and engaging toy for young children. Its ease of use and comfortable design make it an enjoyable experience for kids, but I recommend being cautious with the build quality and durability to ensure a long-lasting toy for your little one.

🔗Fun and Safe Adventure Quad Ride for Kids


Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the Hikiddo 24V Ride on Toys, and to say that it lived up to my expectations would be an understatement. This ATV made me feel like a kid all over again, as I zoomed around our paved driveway and felt the wind in my face.

One of the first things I noticed about the Hikiddo 4-Wheeler was how sturdy it felt. With its durable frame and wear-resistant wheels, I never had to worry about this little vehicle falling apart on me. The powerful 200W motors really added to the excitement, as it would kick into high gear whenever I revved the engine.

The USB/MP3 music feature was hands down the coolest part of the whole experience. As I played my favorite tunes, I couldn’t help but feel like I was driving the soundtrack to my very own action movie. It’s clear that Hikiddo went above and beyond when designing this toy, ensuring that it provided kids (and kids at heart) with a true-to-life driving experience.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks that I did encounter during my time with the Hikiddo 4-Wheeler. First, the battery life felt a bit underwhelming. While it was able to keep me going for a solid 30 minutes of playtime, I found the charging process to be quite lengthy. Plus, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of concern over the speed — while it was definitely fast for a kid’s ATV, I couldn’t help but worry about the safety aspect.

In conclusion, the Hikiddo 24V Ride on Toys provided me with a thrilling and enjoyable experience. If you’re looking for a durable, fun, and exciting toy that will take your little ones on a wild ride, then this is definitely the quad ATV you’ve been searching for. Just be prepared to keep a close eye on your kiddos while they’re behind the wheel!

🔗Huffy Torex 24V UTV Kids Quad Electric 4-Wheeler!


Experience the thrills of off-road adventures with the Huffy Torex Side-by-Side Electric 4x4 Quad. This little powerhouse is packed with safety features like a seatbelt and a fun toot horn to keep the laughter and excitement going.

The robust 24V battery ensures smooth performance, while its sturdy construction makes it suitable for a variety of terrains, making it a perfect companion for young adventurers. However, this quad may not be the best for rough terrains, and the battery life might not suffice for prolonged use.

The assembly process could be a bit tricky too, with some parts requiring additional hardware, but overall, the Huffy Torex Quad is a fun and engaging ride for children, offering a thrilling adventure on wheels.

🔗Kids’ Safe and Stylish 12V 4-Wheeler ATV Quad Vehicle with Music and USB Function


Imagine presenting your little one with a colorful and sturdy 12V ride-on ATV that’s dressed up in pink. Equipped with a high-protection slow start function and a wide, ergonomic seat, this ATV is designed to provide safety and comfort for your child.

As a parent, you’ll appreciate the non-toxic, ASTM certified materials used to create this four-wheeler. It’s not only durable but also safe for your child’s growth journey. The slow start function is a thoughtful feature that will protect your child from any potential scares, ensuring their driving experience is a positive one.

The wide, curved seat is made to fit your child’s body shape comfortably, providing the perfect platform for them to enjoy self-driving. The footrests, designed to accommodate toddlers’ feet, add an extra level of comfort and enjoyment.

This ATV is battery-operated and rechargeable, allowing your child to drive for extended periods after a full charge. The power display serves as a reminder to keep the battery charged, ensuring your child’s playtime isn’t disrupted. The ATV also features cheering music and stories, designed to keep your child entertained and engaged during their ride-on adventures.

The all-terrain drive capability of this four-wheeler quad is a game-changer. With wear-resistant wheels, your child can ride confidently on various surfaces, such as dust, grass, and cobbled roads. The thick, large-diameter wheels offer stability and resistance to abrasion for long-lasting use.

But it’s not just the physical attributes that make this ATV a great gift. With an extra MP3 player and USB port, it opens up opportunities for educational resources and fun. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas or birthday present, this ride-on ATV is sure to create precious childhood memories that your child will cherish.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the size limitations, as it’s designed for 1–3-year-olds. If your child falls outside this age range, you might want to consider other options. But overall, this pink 12V ride-on ATV has the potential to be a hit with your little one.

🔗Powerful 4-Wheeler Electric Kids ATV with Realistic Driving Experience


Kid’s Electric ATV by Hetoy has completely changed how my little one views toys, especially with its realistic driving experience. Right off the bat, it’s evident that a lot of thought was put into keeping the young ones safe during playtime. It’s equipped with an accelerator handle and brake pedal, and the acceleration is gradual, avoiding abrupt speed changes that could potentially scare the child. The adjustable seat belts and backrest add another layer of protection.

Driving on diverse terrains isn’t a problem either, thanks to the EVA rubber tires and wide, wear-resistant wheels. It’s definitely a plus that these tires don’t require any inflation, so there’s no hassle involved there. I also appreciate the different speed modes it has, allowing my child to navigate with caution when necessary or speed up when desired. Notably, the engine performance is quite reliable, and it doesn’t consume much energy, proving efficient and consistent even when driving in extreme conditions.

However, the battery life could use some improvement as it only lasts for about an hour of continuous usage — it could go longer, especially during extended outdoor playtime. The music player and lights are an added bonus, but the fact that the product is made in China might be a drawback for some parents. Nonetheless, in terms of safety and durability, this kiddy ATV ticks all the boxes.

🔗Electric Kids Ride-on ATV — Powered by 6-Volt Battery with Bluetooth Connectivity


The TOBBI Kids Ride On ATV is an exciting gift for energetic and adventurous kids. Easy to operate, simply switch the power on and step on the foot pedal to enjoy a fun ride.

This 4-wheeler ATV even features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing kids to listen to their favorite music while driving. Perfect for building a sense of adventure and imagination. However, a few missing screws may pose a challenge during assembly, detracting from the overall experience.

🔗ASTM-Certified Kids’ 12V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV Toy with LED Lights and Radio


I recently got my hands on this 12V Power Wheels Quad, and let me tell you, it’s a hit with the kids! We’ve had it for a few weeks now and it’s a daily adventure. The quad is easy to assemble and ASTM certified, which means it’s safe for the little ones to ride.

One thing that stood out to me is the automatic reset fuse for protection circuit. It gives me peace of mind knowing my kiddo is driving around safely. The quad also has two different speed modes, making it perfect for those just learning how to drive, but also fun for the more experienced little drivers.

Another cool feature is the MP3 player. The kids love listening to their favorite tunes while cruising around. There’s also an aux jack, so they can plug in their playlists or even a family sing-along. The treaded tires and LED headlights add a touch of realism to their virtual driving experience.

The horn and easy start/stop button make the experience even more exciting for my little one. They love the bright front and rear lights, as they provide a sense of being in a real ATV. The foot pedal accelerator and forward/reverse function make it easy for them to maneuver around the yard or driveway.

Overall, the 12V Power Wheels Quad is a fun and safe addition to our toy collection. It’s recommended for kids ages 3 to 8 and has been a great way to keep them entertained and active during playtime.

🔗Realtree XD UTV 24V Children’s Ride-On, Adventure Awaits


In the park, with a smile, I watched my little one zoom by in the Realtree XD UTV. The four-wheeler’s realistic exterior and working features made their outdoor adventure more thrilling. The smooth and safe slow start made me feel at ease, knowing they were having fun but remained safely in control.

However, the ride’s speed felt a bit inconsistent, sometimes too fast, while other times too slow. Nonetheless, the realistic horn and headlights added an extra touch of excitement, making them feel like a true UTV driver.

Overall, the Realtree XD UTV was a fun addition to our playtime, but the inconsistent speed did have me concerned at times.

🔗Power Wheels Quad for Toddlers: Fun Music & Easy Drivability


Our little one had the best time riding this 12V kids’ ATV. The wheels are made with some serious horsepower, effortlessly navigating a variety of surfaces and taming those bumps for a comfy ride. It’s built with safety in mind, sporting a sturdy steel frame and thick material that provides the perfect balance for our toddler.

What really sets this ride apart is the headlights and fun sound effects, which we found very engaging. Our child would beam with joy as he pushed the horn, never mind that it’s a toy! The headlights, on the other hand, are a true lifesaver for those late afternoon playtimes.

As a bonus, there’s a USB port for charging devices, which is a great feature when our child needs his phone for some tunes during the ride. I like the comfortable grips and padded seat, all of which made him feel comfy and confident in his ride.

The assembly process was a bit challenging, but once it was done, there were no more barriers for our little one to enjoy this ATV as much as possible. With a durable build and a sleek design, it’s hard not to be excited when you see the Power Wheels Quad name. Overall, it’s worth the investment for our kiddo.

🔗Kids’ Atv: Powerful Electric Dirt Quad for Outdoor Adventures


Get ready for tons of outdoor fun with a Razor Electric Dirt Quad! We recently tried it with our kids, and it was not just a great ride, but also a learning experience for them. The powder-coated steel frame and shatter-resistant plastic fairings make it highly durable and suitable for all-weather use.

The 350-watt high torque motor and high-performance gearing meant it was powerful enough to conquer off-road terrain. However, there’s room for improvement in the battery life and charging process. We wish it could last just a bit longer.

The quad ride-on is easy to handle for kids aged 8 and up who weigh up to 120 pounds. It’s perfect for their first foray into off-roading, thanks to its safe hand-operated rear disc brake and self-adjusting chain.

Our kids also loved the adjustable riser handlebars, 4 12-inch knobby pneumatic tires, and rear droop travel suspension, all of which played a role in creating a smooth ride on uneven terrain.

Despite a couple of downsides, the Razor Electric Dirt Quad was a hit with our little adventurers. If you’re looking for a dirt quad for your kids, it’s worth considering this one. Just remember to handle the battery and charging process with care.

🔗Kids Electric Ride-On ATV with LED Lights and Safety Belt


The Topbuy electric ride-on ATV might just be the thrill ride kids have been dreaming of. It’s built to last, with a strong PP material frame and metallic structure that provides both stability and safety. The ATV features 4 wear-resistant wheels, complete with spring suspension for a smoother ride.

Operating this little electric vehicle is like the real deal — a foot pedal for acceleration and two handles to change the direction at a moment’s notice. But the real kicker? The speed. With a top speed of 3–8 km/h, it’s sure to bring a rush to the little ATV enthusiasts, while still being safe enough for kids.

Adding to the authenticity is the inclusion of bright LED lights to add a touch of realism and a cozy seat with a safety belt. However, for first-time users, navigating the controls might be a struggle, but with practice, they’ll be zooming around the rubber track, cement road, or boardwalk in no time.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, safe, and durable ATV for your kid, the Topbuy might be the perfect fit.

Buyer’s Guide

Before diving into the world of Power Wheels Quads, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the essential features and considerations that will impact your overall experience. This guide will walk you through the various aspects of a Power Wheels Quad, helping you make an informed decision when shopping for one.


Size and Type of Quad

There are several types of Power Wheels Quads, including four-wheeled and six-wheeled versions. The four-wheeled models are more agile and suitable for maneuvering through tight spaces, while six-wheeled models are sturdier and better suited for off-road terrain. Consider the area where your quad will be used and choose accordingly.

Power Source

Power Wheels Quads come in battery-powered and gas-powered varieties. Battery-powered versions are more eco-friendly and require less maintenance, making them a popular choice among parents. Gas-powered models tend to have more power and allow for longer ride times. Decide which power source aligns best with your needs and preferences.


Safety Features

Safety is paramount when it comes to Power Wheels Quads. Look for models with features such as a speed lockout, which limits the top speed to a safer level. Additionally, consider purchasing a helmet and other safety gear to minimize the risk of injury. Pay attention to the weight capacity of the quad, ensuring it can safely support the rider.

Quality and Durability

Investing in a high-quality, durable Power Wheels Quad will ensure years of enjoyment. Look for models with sturdy frames and components, along with weather-resistant materials. Research customer reviews to gather insights into the longevity and reliability of various models before making your decision.



What ages are appropriate for Power Wheels Quad?

Power Wheels Quad is recommended for children between the ages of 2–5 years old. It is designed to be safe and easy for young children to operate, providing them with hours of fun and entertainment as they explore their environment. However, it is always recommended that parents supervise their child while they are playing with the Power Wheels Quad to ensure their safety.

Children over the age of 5 might find the Power Wheels Quad too small or unsatisfying, so it is essential to consider their age and interests before purchasing the product for them. Additionally, proper supervision and safety precautions should be taken in all cases to ensure the child’s well-being while using the Power Wheels Quad.


Does Power Wheels Quad require any batteries?

Yes, Power Wheels Quad requires batteries to operate. It comes with two 12-volt batteries that are rechargeable, and it also includes a charger. The batteries can be charged overnight so that your child can enjoy playing with the Power Wheels Quad the next day. The charger can charge one battery at a time, but it is best to allow both batteries to charge simultaneously for the most efficient charging process.

Avoid using rechargeable batteries from other brands, as they may not be compatible with the Power Wheels Quad. To ensure the batteries work correctly, follow the instructions provided in the product manual. It is essential to maintain the batteries and charge them regularly to ensure that the Power Wheels Quad continues to function properly.

What safety features does Power Wheels Quad have?

Power Wheels Quad has several safety features designed to keep children safe while playing. It has a top speed of 2 miles per hour, which is slow enough to prevent accidents while still providing a fun and enjoyable experience for children. The quad also comes with a reverse function, allowing children to back up if they come across an obstacle or need to change direction.

The Power Wheels Quad is built with sturdy materials and has a wide, stable base to ensure the child’s safety while riding. It also features a power-lock brake system that stops the vehicle as soon as the foot pedal is lifted, preventing the vehicle from moving when the child is not on it. Additionally, the quad has reflective accents on the wheels to increase visibility, enhancing safety during low light conditions. It is crucial to supervise the child while they are operating the Power Wheels Quad to ensure their safety and enjoyment.


What is the weight limit for Power Wheels Quad?

The weight limit for Power Wheels Quad is 60 pounds. This limit ensures that the quad can support the weight of the child without compromising its performance or safety. If a child weighs more than 60 pounds, it may not be safe for them to use the Power Wheels Quad, and it may not function properly. Always check the manual for safety information before allowing your child to use the Power Wheels Quad.

It’s essential to consider the child’s weight when selecting an appropriate Power Wheels Quad. If the child exceeds the weight limit, it’s best to look for a more robust and accommodating option. Ensuring the child’s safety should always be a priority when selecting a toy for them to enjoy. Always follow the guidelines provided in the product manual to enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience with the Power Wheels Quad.

Is Power Wheels Quad suitable for use both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, Power Wheels Quad is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. It is designed to be a versatile and convenient toy for children, allowing them to enjoy their playtime regardless of the weather conditions. The Power Wheels Quad is perfect for use in the backyard, driveway, or even in the living room if there is enough space available.

When using the Power Wheels Quad indoors, be sure to remove any obstacles, such as furniture or toys, to prevent accidents. It is also essential to supervise the child closely while they are playing indoors, as there may be more challenges to navigate than when playing outside. Additionally, cleaning the wheels and floor after playing indoors can help maintain the safety and cleanliness of the home environment. Outdoor use provides a more expansive playground for children, allowing them to explore and engage with the environment while supervised by an adult.

How long does the Power Wheels Quad take to fully charge?

The Power Wheels Quad takes about 14 hours to fully charge both batteries. This process takes place overnight, allowing the batteries to charge while the child sleeps. Once the charging process is complete, your child can enjoy playing with the Power Wheels Quad for up to 2 hours straight, depending on how the vehicle is being used. Properly charging the batteries is essential to ensure the Power Wheels Quad functions correctly and safely, so always follow the charging instructions provided in the product manual.

When charging the batteries, avoid overcharging or exposing the vehicle to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. These conditions can damage the vehicle and compromise the safety of the product. Additionally, it’s essential to maintain the batteries and charger according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure their longevity and the continued performance of the Power Wheels Quad. Always follow the guidelines provided in the product manual to enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience with the Power Wheels Quad.

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